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Letter: In support of Cio Perez

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We in District 3 desperately need Cio Perez's voice on the Napa County Board of Supervisors.

Please carefully read the candidates' statements in last week's Star and Napa Valley Register. Cio's is the only one that directly addresses the issues of water, climate, soil and housing that are paramount to sustaining not only our valley but our planet. He is very clear about the urgency of finding solutions and developing a countywide climate action plan for conservation and sustainability before allowing any more pressures on our resources from winery and vineyard developers. Please note that while other candidates address issues of conservation with well-rehearsed, sound-bite responses, not one offers concrete ideas. A couple of candidates even openly support new development.

Cio was very specific. He would place a moratorium on new winery and vineyard expansions in order to "give the county time to review the limits of our resources." Had such a moratorium been in place in 2016, perhaps we would not be dealing with the issues of water use by the Halls' planned development at Vineland Vista or the destruction of 209 acres of oak woodlands at the Walt Ranch. Perhaps we could have avoided the mistakes for which retiring Supervisor Diane Dillon has expressed regret.

Cio would bring another important voice to the Board and that voice would be expressed in Spanish. He would represent those important folks who rarely find a way to participate in decisions which directly affect their lives – many of our Spanish-speaking Latino families. Please notice his signs (written in English and Spanish) and his web page (also written in English and Spanish). They speak to his concern for all our citizens, not just those of us who see ourselves as politically, socially and linguistically connected and thus fortunately able to use our voices to express our opinions.

Cio has spent his life following his family's farming tradition in the valley. His grandfather, Don Lucio Perez, was an early farmer in the valley not only of grapes but also walnuts and prunes, and Cio worked with him from an early age. He has applied that experience and his extensive education in land management, viticulture and oenology to his longtime service on the Farm Bureau. And he remains very proud of his Mexican heritage.

Eventually winery development (much of it by mega-corporations) in our valley will "kill the goose that laid the golden egg." Our resources can only handle so much. Cio may not have glitzy political experience, but he is a man of and for the land who is not hesitant to speak clearly about his vision for a sustainable path into its future and our mission as its stewards. This election is about policy, not popularity.

So please raise YOUR voice and vote for Cio Perez for Supervisor.

Anne Carr and Glenn Smith

St. Helena


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It is time to circle the wagons, stay factually informed and take the needed steps to assure the sustainability of this special place for all of us who are lucky enough to live and work here.

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