Thank you, Liza Russ, for creating and maintaining Main Street Books for so many years as a lovely stronghold of civility in our little town.

Visiting the store was a ritual for our children throughout their childhood, and they bought and turned books back in and bought others over and over, each time reporting back to Liza what they thought of what they’d read. I am profoundly grateful for the ongoing presence of such an interested and interesting adult in their lives! And as a reader and orderer from Main Street Books myself, I was simultaneously appreciative both of Liza’s speedy ordering service and of her always insightful and incisive commentary.

I know there are so many people in St. Helena who are feeling this combination of deep appreciation and great sadness as we say goodbye to Liza and Main Street Books this week.

Thank you Liza for all the ways you have made our town a more thoughtful and civilized place. We wish you all the best on your next adventures!

Dana Johnson

St. Helena

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