Let's try not to let this measure come between you and me

It's time to remove posters and signs that were up for people to see

It was divisive, confusing and misleading to some here and there

So, now honor each other and make sure you play fair

Each and every person must come together as one

To celebrate community and friendship now that the issue is over and done

Shake hands with your neighbors and open your doors to let people in

Please forget that each side was against the other, working for a win.

We can treasure every moment that we spend in the valley each day

Or we can grouse, complain and moan that we never got our way

Who cares who won or lost because, in the end, we still have each other

We're a great extended family; friends and colleagues; a sister or a brother

From now on, start every day with a smile and never a frown

Don't let the past events hurt you or make you feel down

Walk tall and be grateful we live in such a perfect place

Then open your hearts and minds so we can all embrace

Jean Martin

St. Helena

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