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My wish list for the next mayor in St. Helena

My wish list for the next mayor in St. Helena

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Well, here we are in another election season. There will be committees, hiring of public relations firms, yard signs, letters, photo ops everywhere and likely spending lots of money. The amount spent on the last election was ludicrous and I had hoped we could avoid at least the mayoral election in the future. Mayor Ellsworth seemed to be in favor of a rotating method of filling the mayoral post but alas he has not agendized this matter and he has the most influence on the agenda. Since there will most certainly be an election, I would like to submit my wish list for the next mayor.

- First and foremost, I am looking for leadership. I want to see systematic consideration of the goals established by the City Council and staff.

- I want to see shorter meetings in which the mayor is able not only to get consensus but lead the City Council to make decisions and move forward.

- I want to see fewer committees and more real research done by council members. I want to see Town Hall meetings. There are some important decisions to be made and a Town Hall venue gives the citizens a better opportunity to express their opinions.

- I want to see a compact synopsis of the recent study done by the Financing Civic Infrastructure Task Force in which we can understand how much liquid asset or revenue stream we need to have to support various amounts of bonding. How much do we have to spend to get a functional City Hall?

- We need a realistic plan for building affordable workforce housing. Someone in the city has to be dedicated to that task.

This is needed to go forward and we need a leader who realizes how important that information is and how to present it. We need community building. The people who have lived in St. Helena most of their lives and the ones who have lived here fewer years, young and old, wealthy and poor, need to be brought together.

So, a goal-oriented, forward-looking, leader who is a good communicator should meet the bill. That person is Mary Koberstein.

Pat Dell

St. Helena

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The "Hometown Community Ticket" of Mayor Ellsworth and Leslie Stanton, who is running for the St. Helena City Council, is not inclusive; instead, it excludes any of us who were not born here and are relative newcomers. It also excludes so many of us who have contributed to St. Helena.

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