Rebuild St. Helena City Hall at its current location, on Main Street

Rebuild St. Helena City Hall at its current location, on Main Street


I'm wondering why the City Council appointed the SHAPE committee to give feedback from the citizens of St. Helena if they aren't going to listen to their recommendations? As Mark Smithers, SHAPE Committee chair points out in his letter of Dec. 19, the committee clearly made its number one recommendation for City Hall to be rebuilt at its current location. And as Tom Faherty pointed out in his letter, it would also be the most economical.

I think the City Council has to get in touch with the citizens of St. Helena and listen to what they want. Get out and talk to the voters. I certainly have, and from what I am hearing, the majority want City Hall rebuilt at its present location.

Phil Murphy

St. Helena

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The St. Helena City Council should seriously consider and implement the proposition by Architect Tom Faherty regarding the rebuilding our City Hall. It should be rebuilt on the current property. 

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