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To the owner of Vineyard Valley Mobile Home Park:

I wish that your messages to us would accurately represent the real subject and focus of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO). Rent control is not at issue here, and many of us who are pro-RSO would not necessarily support rent control.

Rent stabilization is not rent control. We are highly aware of the many differences between them. I wonder if you are aware of the differences?

What we’re looking at (i.e., rent stabilization) is designed to protect both park owner and residents. That’s the whole point and the reason that rent stabilization was designed to distinguish it from rent control which, many of us agree, is often a disaster for landlords and tenants.

When you misrepresent the issue to my neighbors and friends here at VV, it confuses people and introduces a discussion about oranges when we’re talking about apples.

There are folks here at Vineyard Valley whom I love and respect who support you and your position, and who also highly value honesty and integrity. If you continue to misrepresent the RSO and use tactics that violate integrity, do you really think that those folks will keep supporting your cause? Sooner or later they will realize that you are not representing the truth of the matter.

Our pro-RSO campaign is sticking closely to the statements in the RSO itself, all of which are supported by research and the history of 112 other parks in California. This is why I can support this side with integrity.

I hope that you will seriously consider my points here.

Lora Laird

St. Helena

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