Yes on Measure F sign

Our town has a history of putting off dealing with issues until they become major challenges. We now have an opportunity to change that pattern by passing Measure F, which will provide rent stabilization for Vineyard Valley for generations to come.

Rent Stabilization Ordinances (RSOs) work. We need only look to our nearby neighbor Calistoga, which has had RSOs for all of its mobile home parks for 30 years, to see that this type of regulation is beneficial both to park residents and the community at large.

We have one mobile home park in St. Helena. It has provided a large pool of low-to-moderately priced residences for our town’s senior population for many years. We must assure that it continues to do so as it is unlikely that any other mobile home parks will be developed in our town because of land cost.

I respect the family that owns the park. They have done an excellent job and I want them to continue to be successful in their business. I know that they can do so within the structure of an RSO because they have similar ordinances for the other mobile home parks that they own in other counties.

Our city government is being proactive in setting up a structure that will protect our largest residential senior population in the future. We should applaud their vision and determination to keep Vineyard Valley an affordable mobile home park no matter who owns it.

Please join me in voting yes on Measure F.

Mary Stephenson

St. Helena

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