The streets of St. Helena were mostly deserted other than the Christmas carolers singing mostly to themselves on the Saturday before Christmas.

Does the mayor, city council or city manager realize this or care? Do they see the multiple For Lease signs? Are they here shopping or going out to restaurants or to the three late venues like the SAINT where an excellent musician sings to an empty house other me and my two friends and three other people?

Compare it to Yountville -- half our size. Dynamic, fun, vital, people out on the streets shopping, eating, drinking and the excitement of Xmas and holidays in the air.

I challenge our leaders to call on Jan. 1, 2020 a summit on what can be done to turn this crisis of confidence around before we become like Akron, Ohio in the heart of Napa Valley. While people sleep there is urgency in the air. Seize the moment versus make believe it’s not happening. Thanks for listening and caring.

Henry Loubet

St. Helena

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