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St. Helena City Council, political players and the community

St. Helena City Council, political players and the community

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This Is Ferenc.

I closely observe in detail, reflect and analyze the latest attempt and proposal of the City Council to regenerate our Main Street, that is the face of our town, and improve our standing in this ever-changing economy, and social upheaval.

It is very disturbing that our so-called leaders cannot, or refuse to, face reality and understand the state of our existence.

The dramatic events of the past decade, political, social, epidemic, and economic turmoil has created an atmosphere of insecurity, fear, confusion, violence, at a level that our country has never experienced in the history of our existence.

We all wish for the “Good Old Days,” but we all know that it just slipped away.

This is Reality.

The reality is that we have to accept, Think, act, live accordingly.

St. Helena City Council's latest attempt and proposal to revamp our economic existence is falling short of needed action and direction.

Regarding Main Street:

Main Street of St. Helena is no longer viable for business, or a tourist attraction.

Repaving Main Street is a must however, it is not going to improve the business climate.

We have to build another dimension to our town, expand our horizons.

This objective can be accomplished only by connecting Main Street to the community-owned Adams Street property, with The Yellow Brick Road, utilizing all given possibilities that this magical Napa Valley offers.

As of now, we have not heard any indication from any of “The Players;” how they intend to create the circumstances that enable us to face reality and move into the future.

This is what we have to aim to accomplish.

Our city, our community, our businesses future and successful development, significantly depends on the way we approach the development of the Adams Street property, so it will represent the best interest of our community.

We can, and must, become an awesome destination, with the underlying intention and potential to inform, inspire, and to create sustainable environments and lifestyles for all of our community. These are very basic and accomplishable propositions.

We possess all the elements that are required to accomplish this exciting endeavor. This project is going to reflect the essence and the creativity of our community.

Ferenc Brunner

St. Helena

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