Our first duty regarding the City Hall building is with the health and safety of our city staff and community.

It's clear the current City Hall building is coming to the final stages of its useful life, this occurring while our decision making process for new City Hall site selection is entering final stages over the next four to five months.

Regardless of where site selection ends up, interim workplace solutions may be necessary and this incident perhaps accelerates that interim component of the discussion, while we still remain on our current timeline for site selection of a new City Hall.

The current state of the existing City Hall building will be analyzed in terms of safety and functionality in as timely a manner as possible and decisions on interim planning will be made at that point with that information.

Meanwhile city operations will function out of 1572 Railroad Ave., the former California Department of Forestry building.

Council and staff are fully engaged on this issue and fully committed to as smooth and seamless a transition as possible.

With a note of gratitude to those who contributed to keeping the situation from becoming worse at the time of the incident, and as much as I like to see rain abating forest fire risk and filling our reservoirs and aquifers, we were fortunate to have a break in the rain for city staff to stay dry while moving.

They will remain in the interim space until further decisions are made by the City Council and City Manager.

Mayor Geoff Ellsworth

St. Helena

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