The four different options that the city council with the direction of our esteemed City Manager advocates ("Council considers City Hall on Adams," Aug. 29) are not representing the best interest of our community.

These four plans are all the same, with variable configurations ending up with the same consequence. With this plan St. Helena will become the Bureaucratic Capital of Napa Valley. This plan is economically not possible, and morally devastating.

We request an enlightenment, a clarification of this abstract mental process, that puts forward this proposition, that cannot possibly regenerate our economic, creative and intellectual being.

My discussion with some of the council members regarding the ongoing issues of the state of our economy and the future of our town revealed that they reduce facts to opinions, consequently with this kind of thinking, no rational dialog can be accomplished.

It seems like the council refuses to recognize the facts, accepting reality, that things have changed, people changed.

The world is controlled by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and other mind-twisting entities and tactics.

These are the facts of life, that is reality, so let’s not chase what is not there. If the council, and all “the players” refuse to accept reality, than we condemn ourselves to mediocrity and stagnation.

Ferenc Brunner

St. Helena

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