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Sick of the empty storefronts in town? In all of my years of living in St. Helena I’ve never seen anything scarier. Is this problem something a mayor can solve? I’ve been looking into that question and the answer is yes … and no. Yes in that it takes someone with extensive business and government experience --- like Alan Galbraith — to work to refine the permitting and zoning practices which have gotten us to where we are. The answer is also no, because this problem is the result of an enormously complicated web of details and regulations, a Gordian Knot, if you will.

Our other candidate for mayor has demonstrated, over the last several years, a commitment to rabid environmentalism above all else and no grasp of what it will take to restore St. Helena’s business climate. Geoff Ellsworth has exacerbated an already hostile anti-business climate. He has a proven record of attacking the wine industry and being hostile to the local economy.

We need a reliable and knowledgeable hand at the tiller of the city of St. Helena to “right the ship” and get Main Street repopulated with thriving businesses. Alan is committed to getting businesses back and booming on Main Street.

Join me in voting for Alan Galbraith for Mayor.

Julie Ann Kodmur

St. Helena

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