The community of St. Helena is invited to participate in our Tamale Sale (chicken, pork and vegetarian) at the kitchen of Grace Church in Newton Hall at 1314 Spring St. at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., Sunday, Sept. 8. Cost is 6 for $15 and 12 for $25. Sponsored by La Hermandad con Amatepec (Sisterhood with Amatepec), which is a committee of Grace Outreach.

Our committee consists of Joan Smith, Leslie Moreland, Sandra Sheffield, and Edie Kausch. Three of us attended a week-long Human Rights class at the Global School in the capital of El Salvador in San Salvador last February. The Rev. Amy Zuniga, Rector of Grace Church, attended the class with us and took us to her former parish in Soyapango, a municipality of San Salvador. There we met two women leaders, Silvia and Raquel, who are working hard to create viable employment for women in their community. Their neighborhood of Amatepec is overwhelmed by poverty due in part from so many internally displaced families from throughout the country.

We were inspired by these women's passion and determination to help their community. We were honored to partner with them in helping them achieve their vision. It is well-documented that if you bring jobs to women in their communities, violence and poverty decrease.

Please join us in helping create peaceful sustainable solutions to the many severe problems in this part of Central America by purchasing some delicious handmade tamales.

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For information or participation in our efforts please call Grace Church, 707-963-4157 or email office@grace-episcopal.org and leave your contact information in care of Edie Kausch.

Thank you!

La Hermadad con Amatepec

Edie Kausch, Leslie Moreland, Sandra Sheffield, Joan Smith

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