Before the article “Crosswalk police sting targets unwary drivers,” St. Helena already had the worst, uncontrolled, and illegal traffic I’ve ever experienced: from the five-way death-defying intersection at Pratt and Main, to speeding everywhere, to personally witnessing almost daily the illegal use of the center lane and illegal left and U-turns downtown, pedestrians popping out between crawling cars and/or crossing into moving traffic 15 feet from a crosswalk where their light was red.

Now, the article states that, “there is no such thing as illegal jaywalking in St. Helena.” Well, there it is: the stupidest thing I read all day. The last motivation to use crosswalks provided for the safety of pedestrians and drivers is gone.

Rather than aggravate the drunks and tourists by vigorously enforcing all the traffic laws throughout town, the police apparently only have time and resources for elaborate (and fun!) crosswalk sting operations while everywhere else “everybody does what they want in St. Helena.”

Every drive along Main Street places law-abiding drivers at risk from the irresponsible and illegal actions of others. Illegal or not, jaywalkers are a hazard, especially those who never look up from their phones and step recklessly into oncoming traffic.

Jaywalkers need some tickets, too. How about it?

Ross “crosses only in crosswalks” Allen

St. Helena

Editor's note: Jaywalking is only illegal when it happens between two signalized intersections, with no other intersections between them. Because St. Helena's traffic lights are so far apart, with other intersections between them (like Spring and Hunt), St. Helena police cannot ticket pedestrians for jaywalking.

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