Let me point out some facts, and let’s face reality.

In these rapidly changing and uncertain times, adapting to the given circumstances where the old rules and thinking become obsolete, and the old thinking does not apply any longer, we have to change the rules, we have to advance our thinking.

We must fit into the new era of thinking, and go along on the ride, with a new thinking and mentality that will carry us into a prosperous future.

Change is hard, change is the key, change is life.

Main Street as it is, on its own cannot be regenerated or revitalized. The world, the mind, the system is Amazonized, Googleized, Tweetelized, Facebook is a faceless deception.

We must create another dimension to our town, we must expand our horizon. The community owned Adams Street property is where we can regenerate our economy, creating another dimension to our town, a new beginning.

A new generation is evolving, with a new mindset, new ideas, and desires. This is the world we live in. This is what we have to like, this is what we have to accept and deal with. Let’s not pursue the past, let’s not chase what is not there.

Main Street is “the face of our community,” so it is a fundamental requirement to keep Main Street alive, attractive to the tourists, visitors, and locals alike.

However, big problems requires big solutions, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking and approach that they have been created with.

At this point the only way I see to proceed with the dialog: All people that are interested to be enlightened, observe, reflect, contemplate, and understand, take the time to view my Website: Imagine-Contemplate-Create.com; click "Future of St. Helena"; Read and view my plan, my vision with open mind.

Nextdoor opens up an arena for the residents of our community to contribute their wealth of creativity, energy and imagination to the revitalization of our community.

Please, St. Helena, consider these comments with an open mind and goodwill. Do not let negative input by others influence your thinking.

I stand behind what I am advocating so if you desire any insight and understanding, of my plan, feel free to reach out to me, ferenc@StHelenaLiveItIs.com.

Ferenc Brunner

St. Helena

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