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On behalf of all of the visually impaired community in the St. Helena area, we would very much like to express our gratitude for the help we received in our campaign to bring audio pedestrian signals to Main Street. Before the signals were installed, it was profoundly distressing to try to cross the street safely because of the volume and noise of all the traffic. Those belching, bellowing behemoths called trucks and some buses masked all of the cues we have been taught to heed.

We would like to thank the St. Helena Public Works Department, City Councilwoman Mary Koberstein, Caltrans, and the staff of the Star who were receptive to our needs and pushed for the installation of what are called Accessible Pedestrian Signals, four of which are now working to protect public safety. These devices are easy to use, and we are sure that children and many others will be grateful for them.

It’s a wonderful world when government and public agencies step up to make our streets safer for all of us.

Jan Molen

Valli Ferrell

St. Helena

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