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People in darkness don’t know the true light

Some think His life is just a big lie

what they don’t know is He’s standing so near

with Shepherds and angels Christ shouts ‘I AM HERE’

You’ve looked to many things and ran to in the past

right now, He’s here looking to mend broken hearts

to those who say ‘we don’t need Him get lost’

if only you knew what those words you utter cost

You remember Christmas, we remember Christ

you remember presents and think of the price

we think of price, just on a different scale

for in a manger he came, he cried and wailed

You open your gift and find a temporary smile

emotions that haunt you disappear for a while

the gift Christ gives you if you want it is free

the cross and the manger can be your creed

Jesus is not a baby, He’s not on the cross

He grew up and is Risen to save all the lost

believe this I beg you … you think it’s not true

but Christ has come and He’s come for you

I once was skeptic and thought this not right

until Christ saved me and His spirit gave life

Jesus’ power inside me … His joy overflowing

This new life I now live is so overwhelming

To you He says follow me and I’ll show you

never will I leave you … never will I forsake you

you think these are just words, jargon at best

but how can I show you that Christ is my crest?

I’ll pour out my heart, these emotions, these words

we’ll give up our lives but you think it’s absurd

It means that much to us to ignore

Do you understand now when we say we live for something more?

Would I do this for something I believe is not real?

this is not a cause, a gimmick or for the movie reel

there’s no illusion, no smoke or hidden camera

What I’m living for is all for the Creator

Would I alter my life for my Savior to change me

So that people I meet and encounter can mock me?

For this ‘baby,’ this ‘God’ to be just a myth

I’d have to be crazy to live life like this

So I’ll take your mocking, your laughs, your jeering too

and on my shoulders I’ll carry you through

your name I take and at the cross I lay it down

so that one day you wake up and experience the Crown

The splendor, the glory of our King so true

that was willing to die for me and for you

So in hope I wait for you, that’s what Christmas shows me

Your life for mine He offers, eternity a guarantee

I won’t force you or push you for neither does He

but may God’s spirit lead you to Him as He did me

We know these celebrations as birth, death and resurrection

we are not a club, a society or even a function

A powerful people who know that there’s more

and who have heard the call and said ‘welcome Lord’

So this is my prayer for you this Christmas

May you encounter His presence and never reject it!

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Pastor Rich Stein (Bth—Cambridge University) is Associate Pastor of Calvary Christian Church, 2322 Spring St. in St. Helena. Services are on Saturday evenings at 6:30 p.m. We love our community and would love to meet you.(707) 963-9255 or or