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Thursday Pulpit: We need to heal ourselves to heal the world

Thursday Pulpit: We need to heal ourselves to heal the world

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These past three months have been an invitation to open our eyes, to see what is really happening in our world. The fact that it is the year 2020 and to see clearly means you have 20/20 vision is not lost on me. We cannot deny that our country and the world is amidst a major shift. There are many issues that are begging for our attention, and we can no longer hide from them. We have social unrest, environmental destruction, mass shootings, economic inequality, a broken health care system, education struggles, and the health of our relationships.

Over quarantine and when the protests for racial equality began, I heard the small helpless voice asking: What are we going to do? The world has gone crazy! This is terrifying, and I hope that it ends soon and can go back to “normal”. Then I realized that for a long time, I have not wanted to look and see what was really going on with people in the world. I did not want to think about systemic racism or the fact that people in our neighborhoods are starving because the cost of living is so high. I wanted to stay safe in my lane with my hand covering my eyes. I could live in my bubble and worry about my problems … and the rest? Well, someone else will figure it out.

But how is it working for our global community to keep our eyes closed? We all need to look inside and heal our personal wounds. Because when we heal, we lift the collective consciousness up. When we heal, then we can come from a different place. We can see, feel, and hear things differently. Our response is different. It goes from being about someone else and becomes about ourselves. When we come from this place then we can make an impact on a global scale.

It comes down to this. Hurt people, hurt people. Do you think that the former officer Derek Chauvin (who is on awaiting trial for killing George Floyd) was whole and complete? Do you think that someone who has the capacity to hear a man beg for his life and not do anything is coming from a place of love and compassion? Absolutely not!! I will not speculate as to what his issues are, but they are real, and they are ruling his consciousness. He made that choice from a painful place, not a place of connection and understanding.

Here is an example from my own life. When I had the revelation to heal myself to help heal the world, I had to look inside of myself and ask, “Am I racist?” The day before I would have said NO! But looking a bit deeper and engaging in self-reflection, I realized there is a piece of me that was. It was not blatant, but I had not been outraged enough to move into action when I heard of the abuses happening regularly to people of color. I was not standing up for Black people, and saying it was wrong that this was happening all the time. The silence is an act of violence against their community. If I were walking down the street and I noticed two Black men in hoodies behind me, would I think twice? These thought patterns promote racial injustice. By identifying them and working with where they came from, I was able to heal them. I then made steps in working towards an outer solution.

I did not feel comfortable going to the protests because of the pandemic, so I thought of what I could do. At that point in time the other three officers that were involved with George Floyd’s murder had not been charged. So, I called Mike Thompson’s office to let him know that I wanted charges brought against them.

My heartbeat was racing. I did not know what to say. I felt like I was in seventh grade calling a boy. I left a message stating my thoughts in a quiet voice and hung up quickly. Then I sat in reflection about how that felt. Why was this so scary for me to do? Why did my voice shake? It is because I am not used to “getting involved.” I am not used to saying what I think to anyone in power. And this is exactly the problem! If we want change in this country, if we want to move closer to unity and respecting one another, if we want our environment to be saved, we must use our voices. We can no longer walk around with our hands covering our eyes.

These past four months have ripped the bandage off a wound that has been festering for an exceptionally long time. We are being called to act and make the changes that are necessary for our world community to be able to thrive. It is imperative to note this: if we do not make changes, there will be serious repercussions for generations to come.

Spiritual Seed: Heal yourself to heal the world.

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