The person who wrote in about the public trail near the library that goes down to the river is totally right on about how much people use it, and we need to know if it’s at risk of all being sold out to a developer for a street and a big subdivision.

I have run there for years, because it’s public property, it’s really quiet, I’m not dodging baby carriages, kiddos on bikes and slow walkers on sidewalks. I run on St. Helena streets with headphones and that is insanity.

The trail is safest, most gorgeous and peaceful place to do all that. Right from our library vineyard, you leave the craziness of downtown, and you’re in middle of vineyards and mountains. It’s just about the only place on the entire Napa Valley floor that’s not private property, and it’s our St. Helena public land, so some government people somewhere along the line were smart enough to know land in the city is worth buying and protecting for us.

But if it’s true that they’re thinking about destroying it and putting in a street and a housing project, I don’t think people in St. Helena who use it are going to let whoever is talking about turning that epic place into concrete get away with it. We don't want a concrete city. That's why we live here. Maybe the Star can print the names of the officials who are talking about it so we know who is behind it.

Like the other person said, I can't sit by then wake up one day and run over there to see a bunch of bulldozers. I'd send them emails, and definitely not vote for them again. I hope other people would too.

Annmarie Whaylen

St. Helena

Editor’s Note: There’s been talk of putting a hotel on part of the city-owned Adams Street property, but not a subdivision. The City of St. Helena is currently evaluating what to do with the land. The proposed Hunter subdivision is on privately owned land east of the Adams Street property.

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