Grant and I have lived in St. Helena for 25 years. We have raised our son Logan on books which Liza has suggested. From Asterix to Ric Riordan, her recommendations have met with tremendous success.

I have been a bookworm all my life both in America and in England. Liza has found books that I not only read in San Francisco and New York, but also books which are hard to find even in England. These have given me more pleasure than I can say.

Grant and I have also gone to Liza for gift recommendations for both our families. We were stumped annually by books for Grant’s nephew Calvin, whose taste we did not know well. It was part of an annual ritual to go to Liza’s in December. She invariably asked, “Now what about Calvin?”

Grant, Logan and I will all miss Liza tremendously. We wish her well in whatever life next offers her.

Gail, Grant, and Logan Showley

St. Helena

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