Fishing Is My Day Job: Local anglers display impressive skill on the water
Fishing Is My Day Job

Fishing Is My Day Job: Local anglers display impressive skill on the water


Scott Snowden and Brent Randol… are certainly St. Helena’s “Angler Laureates.” They have “been there – done that.” I have fished with both – each trip of which gave me great pleasure and a dandy catch. But you may recall Scott and I fished the famous 100-mile long by 40-mile wide Lake Guri in Venezuela some time ago.

We lived in the bush at the end of civilization for a week of sleeping in hammocks under a palapa. Hunks of fish were tossed on the open fire with some potatoes for most meals. Our main target was the world’s most beautiful fighting fish – the peacock bass. We also caught piranha and payara with 3-inch canine fangs. Swam with both of them without getting bit. It was tough to refuse when our host’s little kids were swimming with them, too.

Here is Scott in Labrador with a dandy seven-pound wet fly-caught brook trout last fall. The most beautiful of the trout family.

Brent Randol Is My Hero… In the fishing world Brent is the “firstest with the mostest.” Here he is early into this year’s king salmon run—fishing off of the “Chasin’ Crustacean” based in Sausalito at

It’s called the biggest six-pack in the area—giving you and your team plenty of room to spread out and practice social distancing. Even better, they know where the big salmon are. Brent’s limit consisted of two kings over 20 pounds.

Dave Hurley, in his current Hot Sheet, reported some wonderful predictions about the size of our salmon run this year—and the size of the fish. How about “Captain Trent Slate over at Bite Me Charters has predicted a number of salmon in the 40’s and possibly the 50 pound range before the summer is over.”

Sounds like time to prep the BBQ and make some fishing plans—right now.

Forty-seven Bass… in two five-hour “lures in the water” fishing segments on Clear Lake this week. Fishing with pro guide Bob Myskey, we had to work for our numbers but he tried some new spots each day to get the job done. Think about it—just under 5 fish an hour is trophy-style fishing anywhere in the world. This time the old standby lures and colors did the trick. Watermelon Candy Baby Brush hogs, MM3 straight worms and stubby little 4-inch Morning Dawn worms led the way.

Water temperature was 69 degrees—same as ten days ago. It needs to be a bit higher—up closer to 80—to turn on the top water action. We tried it in a perfect slick water spot at dawn—not even a bite. So, I’ll be back; my best bass ever (10.1 pounds) came on a top water popper fishing with Bob late last year in warmer water.

It was windy and cold on the water both days. Unusual for mid-June. But Bob knew where to go to get out of the wind and still catch fish. Book Bob at 349-4460.

And Bigger Ones… in the Delta. The Hot Sheet told us that Alan Fong, Fishermen’s Warehouse in Sacramento, took Warren Tremble of San Jose to the north Delta for largemouth bass. Listen to this big bag: big bass of 8.75 and 8.20 pounds on white/chartreuse spinnerbaits anchored his best five that totaled 31 pounds. That combined total weight will get you into the money in most bass tournaments in California.

Teaser Stuff… Get ready to see your favorite local Napa Valley actors in the newly released film, “This Blessed Plot.” I’m told that Laura Rafaty, NapaShake’s Producer and Artistic Director, will give you more information soon. Stay tuned.

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