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Travis Berryhill

Travis Berryhill made a triumphant return to Northern California recently with a victory Lakeport Speedway. 

Travis Berryhill, the Spirit of American Canyon, returned home for a weekend, and wound up in victory circle, at Lakeport Speedway Oct. 15. 

This reporter named Travis the “Spirit of American Canyon” several years ago when pitting with him on his race team. It was obvious he had a lifelong dedication to becoming a professional racecar driver as he grew up in American Canyon.

The visit was a planned event, as the Bay Cities Racing Association, (BCRA) hosted its last pavement race of the year. Driving the Bob Rosen No. 4 Mr. Espresso Special out of Oakland, Travis was third quick in time trials, won the dash, his heat race, and the main event. That was a successful night of racing.

Travis moved to Indianapolis three years ago to follow his dream of being a professional racecar driver.  Like Jeff Gordon, Travis grew up racing quarter midgets, and spent his early life racing instead of playing all the normal sports that other kids were playing as he grew up.  Many of his competitors had the same life.

Berryhill currently is a Race Shock Tech, at Advance Racing Suspensions, and races sprint cars on weekends. Indianapolis is still the center of racing, with many racetracks to compete at each weekend of the year. Wintertime in Indianapolis racing moves indoors.

Moving to Indianapolis also brought a weather change and living in snow country for the winter. Snow also brought the thrill of snow mobile riding and racing with friends.

In a post-race interview Travis dedicated the win to his grandfather Ed, who passed away last year. Ed supported Travis’s racing from the very beginning and attended every race, as a proud Grandpa.

Any racers, future racers, or race fans can contact Travis on his Facebook page, as well as  He will be glad to hear from you.


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