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With Election Day upon us, I am writing to convey my support for candidates and measures appearing on my ballot.

I enjoy all the inquiries I receive during this time every leap year, but this election I feel a greater obligation to disseminate this information further into the community. And so I write to you.

American Canyon is a vibrant city with a perfect small town feel. It will take a continued commitment to keep this balance. Now is the time to define the future of our community with strong policies and leadership on economic development, infrastructure and self-sustainability.

I know firsthand what it takes to lead the direction of our city. With my departure from the council, I am looking for candidates who will be assets to the City. I value vision, community commitment, consistency and creativity. With that said, I am endorsing Leon Garcia for Mayor, Mariam Aboudamous and Kenneth Leary for Council.

León and Kenneth are well known public servants. They are committed to engaging the community, developing our economic base and making American Canyon even better for generations to come.

Mariam is a longtime resident, an attorney with an energetic presence. She has the skill set, thoughtfulness and most importantly the vision to carry our city forward.

Exciting times are ahead for American Canyon. Join me in voting for Garcia, Aboudamous and Leary to guide American Canyon into the future.

And if you love our parks and open space -- don't forget to vote Yes on Measure Z.

Belia Ramos

American Canyon City Council