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Progressive Women of Napa Valley endorses Mike Thompson for United States Congress, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry for State Assembly, and Diane Dillon for Napa County Board of Supervisors. We believe each of these candidates will provide focused policy leadership to achieve significant and measurable progress for our vision of a robust economy, social equity, and a healthy environment in Napa County.

On a practical level, this means they:

-- Support policies that lead to adequate and affordable health care for all;

-- Value equality, tolerance, and inclusion;

-- Support women’s privacy and reproductive rights and access to maternal and family health care;

-- Assure that our communities have adequate affordable housing;

-- Are committed to funding essential social service programs;

-- Support economic development that leads to decent wages;

-- Believe it is their role to promote, and in some cases require, state and local action to achieve measurable progress in conservation of scarce resources (such as water and energy).

In their choices as policy-makers and in their personal commitments to community service, each of these candidates has made it abundantly clear that they support, act for, and achieve results that will contribute significantly to our county’s viability and sustainability.

Some specifics:

Mike Thompson is, in short, our champion in Washington, D.C. On many fronts, he has been a leader for progressive national policy coupled with fiscal responsibility. He is a stalwart defender of Planned Parenthood and its essential health services to women and families. He is leading bipartisan work to curb gun violence. He is building support for positive immigration reform and protection of the Dreamers. We know he will continue to successfully champion policies that ensure our county continues to be an excellent place to live, work, raise a family, open a business and retire with dignity.

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry definitely merits our enthusiastic endorsement, even though she is running unopposed. Cecilia has consistently been very accessible to her constituents, and she partnered successfully with Sen. Bill Dodd on two bills that benefit farmworker housing. Further, in a practical response to housing issues, she introduced legislation that would earmark employee housing rent from the Veterans’ Home in Yountville for much needed maintenance. We believe Cecilia is doing an excellent job on behalf of her constituents in Napa County.

Diane Dillon has the institutional knowledge, commitment, and long-term experience needed at this critical point, when the Board of Supervisors is suffering a significant loss of public confidence. It has yet to devise lasting solutions for critical environmental, housing and traffic challenges; success with those agendas will require both vision and pragmatism. With her legal background, participation on state committees, and scrupulous insistence on data-driven decisions, Diane is our candidate of choice.

Diane is committed to protecting our natural resources. She has taken the first step with a 2017 joint city/county water quality study that will get the county ahead of state requirements on ground water protection (a huge boon for agriculture). With regard to affordable housing, she believes all jurisdictions must work together, and has been instrumental in reducing areas designated for urban growth as well as stressing the need for city-centered growth. Diane is a consistent and persuasive advocate for immigrant rights, a woman’s right to choose, and same-sex marriage.

We urge you to join us in supporting these candidates, who have demonstrated the leadership skills needed to face the challenges which lie ahead.

Carol Whichard

Progressive Women of Napa Valley