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Napa County commercial solar proposal raises larger questions

Napa County Planning Commissioners are contemplating whether the county needs rules to keep key wine country scenic vistas from someday bei… Read more

Thieves try to steal $850 in Polo merchandise from Napa outlets, get caught in American Canyon

A Sacramento woman was caught Friday after stuffing items worth $850 into a large bag, then ran away when security confronted her, police s… Read more

Amid national spike of vinyl sales, local record lovers extol their 'gritty' and 'raw' sound

The last several decades have seen cassettes, Walkmans, iPods and even CDs come and go. Read more

Martinez man dies after pick-up crashes into him in Napa

A 36-year-old Martinez resident was walking along Silverado Trail in Napa just before 7 p.m. Friday night when a pick-up truck crashed into… Read more

Wine Train ponders “workforce” housing near Napa bus station

The Napa Valley Wine Train’s next project may not involve wheels on rails, but roofs over heads. Read more



Reverse mortgages: Too good to be true?

Important information residents of Napa Valley need to know before they decide.


The finest destination for exceptional sleep in your Napa Valley home

Enjoy plush comfort with our patent-pending support system which actively contours and cradles your body for a deeper, more restorative sle…