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At St. Helena cemetery, students bring Napa Valley’s German legacy to life

ST. HELENA — On Sunday afternoon, the past was no longer past – even in a cemetery. Read more

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Peace labyrinth debuts at Napa's Bel Aire elementary school

The playground at Napa's Bel Aire elementary school is now not only a place for joyful play, but for peaceful repose as well. Read more

This obscure Napa fire safety group extinguishes blazes before they happen

Napa’s Fire Prevention crew doesn’t wear hefty yellow suits or ride in spiffy, crimson trucks. Read more

Gunshots bring Napa Valley's bird cannon clash to a head

A Napa grape grower with a penchant for using gunshot-simulating propane cannons to ward off birds from his vineyard recently moved on to using real gunshots. Read more

Napa teen’s Eagle Scout project lets park visitors have a ball

Bennett Free didn’t have to look far to decide what should be the capstone to his Boy Scout career. All he needed to do was remember a popular Napa park – and his grandparents’ love of bocce. Read more



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Reverse mortgages: Too good to be true?

Important information residents of Napa Valley need to know before they decide.