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Commentary: Trump's reelection campaign just got a lot tougher

When the wall only existed in his supporters' imaginations, it could take on huge symbolic weight. But now it's supposed to be real - an extra few miles of fencing isn't what they were promised. Read more

Commentary: ‘Green chemistry’ makes products safer. Here’s how California can do better

Californians’ demand for healthier products is part of a trend toward healthy living that has changed our expectations of chemistry. Read more

Napa Valley residents buy foreclosed homes at a fraction of the cost

Foreclosures, short sales and distressed property and homes can be hidden gems in your local real estate market. Read more



Dan Walters: Newsom wants more accountability for schools

Newsom wants $10 million to begin building the statewide education data system that Jerry Brown repeatedly and wrongly shunned as being obtrusive. Read more


Commentary: New York dodged an Amazon bullet. Wisconsin still faces a bazooka Inc.'s decision to ditch its plans for a New York headquarters doesn't augur well for governments and corporations intent on using taxpayer money to fund job-creation schemes. Many in New York, and on the left, are celebrating their victory over big, bad Amazon; they should spare a thought for the people of Wisconsin who are stuck with the boondoggle known as Foxconn. From the ... Read more


From the editor: Where everybody knows your name

The thing I like about local journalism is that readers know who you are. Read more

The Week in Cartoons

The week in cartoons

A collection of the best cartoons of the last week by The Washington Post Writers Group's award-winning roster of syndicated editorial cartoonists from across the nation. Read more


Security solutions to keep your Napa Valley family and home safe this spring

Talk to a local expert about a digital alarm system that will protect your family and belongings.