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Commentary: How Democrats can beat Trump on trade

Democrats, including members of Congress and the two dozen running for president, are struggling to figure out how to effectively run against President Donald Trump on trade. Read more

Commentary: Cities pledge to find solutions to California’s homeless crisis


With homelessness worsening, Californians are rightly frustrated that our state, with its abundance of wealth and resources, has not made better progress in helping people get off the streets and into housing. Read more

Napa Valley residents buy foreclosed homes at a fraction of the cost

Foreclosures, short sales and distressed property and homes can be hidden gems in your local real estate market. Read more



Thomas D. Elias: This could be the most threatening Trump move yet

It takes the form of a proposed plan by Trump’s federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission to cut back on inspections at atomic power plants, including the shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station near San Clemente and the Diablo Canyon Power Plant on a bluff near San Luis Obispo, which now produces about 9 percent of California’s electricity. Read more


Commentary: Mexico is not the enemy

On a daily basis, President Donald Trump hurls threats at Mexico – close the border, levy new tariffs, arrest millions. But history shows it's smarter to recognize our neighbor as a natural ally. During World War II, Mexico joined the United States in declaring war on the Axis, even though Germany was well-ensconced in Latin American markets. Mexico then supplied U.S. industries with more ... Read more


Commentary: After 30 dead horses, thank heavens Santa Anita's lethal season is finally over

The grisly winter racing season at Santa Anita finally, mercifully, came to a close Sunday, with 30 horses dead from racing or training. The latest death was just two days ago. And, although racing has closed at the park until late September, training will continue until July 11. A good number of those 30 deaths occurred during training. It's disconcerting to think that horses will continue ... Read more

The Week in Cartoons

The week in cartoons

A collection of the best cartoons of the last week by The Washington Post Writers Group's award-winning roster of syndicated editorial cartoonists from across the nation. Read more