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Shelby Texas

Shelby Lanterman and  Texas McCauley have released their debut album titled "We are Shelby, Texas." 

Shelby Lanterman has been a staple name in the Napa music community for several years now. After gaining fame in the local scene performing at Idol NV in 2011 at the age of 17, the country singer-songwriter spent years playing and organizing shows around the Napa Valley and the greater Bay Area.

In 2014, she honed her skills as a songwriter in Nashville and has since taken her music on the road playing at venues across the country and back several times. In 2016, Lanterman partnered with Texas McCauley, a fellow country singer from Roseville, to create a band they would eventually name Shelby, Texas.

During the next two years, the duo headlined the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, playing at the UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico, and opening for singer Roger Clyne.

On Friday June 8, Shelby, Texas released the fruits of their labor — their debut album titled, “We Are Shelby, Texas.” The band will celebrate its release with two shows, one at Infusion Taproom in Lincoln, California on Saturday, June 16, and one at Grav South in Cotati on Friday, June 22. Shelby, Texas will return to Napa on July 29 to play at Napa PorchFest 2018.

“We started recording this album a year ago,” said Lanterman. “There are seven songs on the record. We both play and sing on each track. All the songs were originally written separately, either by him or me. I think they were mostly songs we’ve been sitting on for a while and we’re really excited to finally put them out.”

“One song on the record is by Texas (McCauley) called ‘Home.’ It won the grand prize award for Best Song at the West Coast Songwriter Competition in 2016.” Lanterman and McCauley first met at the Petaluma chapter of the West Coast Songwriter Competition in the same year.

Lanterman’s favorite track on the record is her song, “Unrequited,” a slower ballad that is personal to her. “I was reluctant to play it because I didn’t think it was going to turn out as well as it did,” she said. “After hearing the piano, banjo, drums and harmonies all put together, I changed my attitude toward it. It ended up sounding exactly how I envisioned it.”

The album was produced by Gawain Mathews and was recorded in his private studio in Pinole. McCauley met Mathews through Jeff Cample, a San Francisco-based songwriter who ended up becoming a co-producer on the album as well.

“Tex and I did all of the guitar work and vocals, and Gawain played the bass and keyboards,” Lanterman said. The two songwriters also hired different drummers to play on their respective tracks. Rob Hooper played drums on Lanterman’s songs, while Kyle Caprista played drums on McCauley’s pieces. Lanterman and McCauley entered the studio separately in early 2017 to work on their songs, then came together toward the end of the recording process to play on each other’s tracks.

“We Are Shelby, Texas” is available on most major music streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and BandCamp. Physical copies of the record will be available at their album release shows in Lincoln and Cotati.

Shelby, Texas plays at the Infusion Taproom in Lincoln, California on June 16 from 7-10 p.m., and at Grav South in Cotati on June 22 from 5-8 p.m. Admission is free for both shows.

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