District Attorney Allison Haley

Last vacation: Washington D.C. in October with my four year old daughter. I cried when I saw the Constitution and the Bill of Rights at the National Archives. “It’s because Mommy is a lawyer.”

Guilty pleasure: Video games. I’ve played more hours of World of Warcraft than any adult woman should.

Favorite Supreme Court justice: Justice David Souter (ret.) I could answer 10 questions focused solely on “Why I Love Justice Souter.”

House pet? 12-year-old black lab named Levi. And four hives of fat, furry, docile honeybees.

Pet peeve: Unnecessary and unproductive meetings.

Favorite place in Napa County: Under a blanket fort in my daughter’s bedroom. Preferably with flashlights, crayons and good snacks.

Most recent earworm: The theme song to the podcast “My Favorite Murder”

Your best recipe: Cheesecake. It’s a show stopper.

Last time you handwrote a letter: In December. Earnest and tearful thank you letters to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department first responders to the Ghost Ship fire.

Least favorite part of law school: Contracts. Contracts. Contracts.

What you wanted to be when you grew up: An airline stewardess. Was there anything more glamorous?

Allison Haley is the district attorney of Napa County. She was appointed by the board of supervisors in 2016 to fill out the remaining two years of the term of retiring DA Gary Lieberstein. Previously, she was chief deputy in the prosecutor’s office.

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