How to Care for Yourself if You Have COVID-19. COVID-19 spreads rapidly, meaning there’s a real chance that you may catch the virus at some point if you haven’t already. . Here are eight expert tips on how to take care of yourself if you test positive for coronavirus. 1. Physically isolate yourself from others as soon as possible and only leave your designated quarantine zone when absolutely necessary. . 2. If there are other people in your isolation bubble or home, ask them to quarantine too, as they may have been exposed to COVID-19. . 3. Consider asking one person to act as your caregiver while you deal with the virus. . 4. Inform any family or friends you recently saw of your positive test and contact your primary care doctor for more personalized medical guidance. . 5. Purchase a pulse oximeter and thermometer to keep track of your symptoms. . 6. The amount of time people need to remain in isolation varies, so be prepared to properly follow guidelines and stay home for as long as needed. . 7. Utilize over-the-counter medication such as a fever-reducer to manage your mild to moderate symptoms. 8. Keep track of your symptoms and know when it’s time to seek medical help. It’s better to err on the side of caution