Carl G. Worth

Carl G. Worth


Carl passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at home in Morris, Illinois on April 2, 2019. He was born on Bastille Day in French Hospital, San Francisco on July 14, 1965, to his very proud parents, Jerry and Phoebe Worth. Carl and family lived in Saratoga, CA until moving to Napa in 1978, where Carl attended Silverado Jr. High and Vintage High School. He was an honor student at both schools. Having earned a full 3-year scholarship to DeVry Institute of Technology, he moved to Phoenix, AZ and graduated top of his class.

While at DeVry, Carl worked at Alpha-Beta Supermarket, where a co worker introduced him to her sister, Dawn Gyorgyi, whom he married. Dawn and Carl had two children, Kimberly and David, whom he loved very much. Later, he was offered a part-time job in the vending (soft drinks, juice, snacks, etc,) business, which he really enjoyed, and made it a career, owning his own companies in AZ and later in IL.

Carl had a wonderfully dry sense of humor and would often confuse people with the telling of his jokes with a straight face. Those who knew him would get a good laugh.

He moved to Illinois in 2010 where he met and married the love of his life, Stori Hart. Three months before his passing, he and Stori became the owners of a home health care business.

He was an avid sports fan, particularly baseball (SF Giants, AZ Diamondbacks and finally the Chicago Cubs). Golf was a favorite past-time.

Carl was a very caring and supportive father to his two Morris step-sons, starting when Nate was 7 and Ben 14, helping them with their homework, especially in math and their strong interests in playing football. With his teen-age step-niece, he had many lengthy, unbiased discussions on politics and current life topics. He was a helper of many, taking some of their problems home with him to ponder and bringing back answers/suggestions in the next days. If a tool was needed, screwdriver, etc., he could be counted on to pull one from his pocket, anytime, maybe due to his vending machine fixit expertise.

Other interests of Carl’s were Haiku Japanese poetry, a butterfly collection, his paternal grandfather’s stamp collection, and archery where, when still in Napa, he set up a target in the family back yard.

He is survived by his children, Kimberly and David of Colorado, wife Stori of Illinois, sister Carolyn (Kyle) Rasmusen of Napa, parents Phoebe and Jerry of Napa, step sons Ben and Nate of Illinois and nieces/nephews Duke, Katie, Ally, Julia, Jake and Alivia.

A memorial service was held in Morris, IL on April 9, 2019. A private celebration of Carl’s life will be held in Napa at a future date.

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