Charles Mitchell Henderson

Charles Mitchell Henderson

My big brother Mitch died October 8 at age 64. Born and raised in Napa, graduated NHS 1973, BS in Biology from Sacramento State in 2000. He will be remembered in a way unique to each person who ever knew him. Through several conversations over the past 15 years, I will remember him as: the proudest father on the planet of his three sons, the giddiest grampa ever for his granddaughter, and the most opinionated crusty curmudgeon to trudge among us. All this, and a SF Giants fan to the end! (Thank you 2010,2012,2014!)

During his many years in Sac, Chuck (as he was known there) enjoyed attending Giants games with his friend Percy and exchanging riveting banter with his friend and neighbor Rick. And always, through thick and thin, his very good longtime buddy Ray was there for the nearly everyday phone call to shoot the breeze. My brother once confided to me that he hoped in the long run that he had done right by his family and close friends. He had trouble expressing this endearment to those who needed to hear it most; perhaps, the sentiment will linger for a while as we remember him, each in his//her own way.

Mitch was predeceased by our parents, Jackie D. Henderson and Charles W. “Bill” Henderson. He is survived by his sons Charles Benjamin (wife Linea and their daughter Naomi), Charles Zachary (wife Tanisha), and Charles Joseph Henderson; his brother Tracy Henderson (wife Tori and their son Ross), myself, his sister Cassi (husband Don Tynan) and several cousins. Inurnment will be private at Tulocay in November.

Brother, go to where the air is cool and your tread is light: this is the Peace you seek to rest your weary head in the forever evening.

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