Dirk Vanderschuur Jr.

Dirk Vanderschuur Jr.

Dirk A. Vanderschuur Jr. Dirk passed away at the Veterans’ Home of California, Yountville, on September 23, 2017. He had been a member of the home since 2003. He was 84. Dirk was born on February 21, 1933 in Worchester, Massachusetts, to Hazel and Dirk Vanderschuur. He attended school in Massachusetts and went on to complete two years of college.

With his father’s permission, he entered the US Air Force in 1950 at the age of 17, during the Korean Conflict. After his discharge from the Air Force in 1954, he married and began working for Burrows Corporation. He and his wife had three boys. When he moved to California, he went into the food and beverage management business. He remained in that line of work in Southern California and Hawaii until his retirement in 1975

When Dirk came to the Vets Home, he had never painted. He enrolled in an art class on campus, began sketching line drawings and from there began painting. His new-found gift flourished throughout the Veterans Home and the Napa Valley. He has sold his works to private collectors as well as commissioned to paint for various wineries. His paintings can be found at the Queen of the Valley Medical Center, Napa restaurants and other public places throughout the Napa Valley and Hawaii.

Dirk loved the Boston Red Sox Baseball team. In fact, he was rooting for his team a few days before his passing. He also enjoyed playing card games especially Gin Rummy and Hearts.

Dirk was predeceased by all his siblings and children. His only survivors are friends that became “family” to him, including his friends from Section A, staff members and the crew from Hero’s Café. He will be missed by all. His ashes will be taken back to Maui, Hawaii, where he lived for many years, and be released into the waters off Black Rock Beach, Kaanapali.

He will be honored at the Yountville Veterans Home at the Veterans Memorial Chapel on October 12th, 2017 at 10 AM.

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