Mabel Johnson

Mabel Johnson


Mabel Johnson passed away peacefully on September 13, 2019. Mabel was born in St. Helena on June 24, 1924 to Sattimo and Madaline DelPorto. She was predeceased by her loving husband Wayne on September 3, 2001. The poem below by Lynne Norberg is the best painting of Mabel.


On a bright day —- on a June morn,

To Sattimo and Madaline —- she was born.

A beautiful daughter —- with eyes of brown,

She became the darling —- of the whole town.

She had a brother —- David is he.

They played on the farm —- with plenty of glee.

Mabel went to schools —- in St. Helena Town

On the softball field —- she could be found.

She loved all sports —- in her early years,

And when they’ d win —- she’ d give three cheers.

She played clarinet —- at St. Helena High

And it seemed those years —- did really fly.

She worked for the Company —- just out of school,

To the office she came —- and followed each rule.

She dated Wayne —- during the war,

They married in Reno —- to love evermore.

Wayne joined the Navy —- a sailor was he

To La Jolla they moved —- together to be.

She again joined the Company —- after the war

Stayed 39 years —- and a little bit more.

Her tiny stature —- her smile so neat

Made her an employee —- that’s hard to beat.

She took P.S.E.A. courses —- to get in the know

And back to classes —- she now plans to go.

She’ll work with stained glass —- take sewing too,

And have plenty of time —- for these things to do.

For the Native Daughters —- and the March of Dimes

She’s worked and played —- many, many times.

She’s a tiny lady —- with a twinkle in her eye,

And her new world’s ahead —- the time will just fly.

In their motor home —- she and Wayne will go

To their McCloud cabin —- to walk in the snow.

She’ll sew when it’s raining —- good books she will read,

In Spring she’ll plant —- her garden with seed.

Now Mabel – your retirement’s —- here

There’s so much to do —- and the time is near.

We wish you both happiness—good health and God speed,

May He bless every day —- in all that you need.

The road opens wide —- and there’s so much to do,

And all our good wishes —- go with both of you.

Lynne Norberg

Mabel will be interred at the Chapel of Chimes in Oakland with her husband. She has requested that there be no memorial services for her. Contributions in her name can be made to the St. Helena Hospital Foundation or the Alzheimer’s Association.

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