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Good morning, everyone. Welcome to our Corner.

Last week, I promised you that we would talk about a relatively new website, specifically for us, concerning information and assistance for seniors. Actually, it’s been available for a year or two, but we need to be reminded that this wonderful source of information for seniors is in existence.

I thought we could jump in together and find our way. My favorite way of entering the website is to enter, which will show The Network of care for Seniors & People with Disabilities Napa California. Select this, and you will arrive at the Network for Aging & Independence.

You will see, on the left, options to change the language, also to change the size of print. You might want to explore the next five items, and you may always return to this main menu by pressing “Home,” shown at the top of the page.

On the right side, there are listed several excellent suggestions. Let’s press “Learn more about Napa Counties Caregiver Permit Requirements.” Many people in Napa County are not aware of this permit, so I’m very happy to see it listed. Here, we learn that “in Napa County, all individuals providing care for compensation are required to undergo a background check and obtain a permit.” (Friends, did you know that independent caregivers, working without a permit in our county, could face jail time and/or pay a fine. If you have the opportunity, please spread the word on this issue.)

You’ll, certainly want to explore, “How to help prevent falls,” as well as completing your advance directive, and possibly looking into help in choosing long-term care. In the center of the page, we have the hefty information options, very interesting and informative. You’ll want to spend your time on these, and, remember, just press Home to return to the main menu.

Listed second, “How to navigate this site” is terrific. We have the voice of Tiffanie Walker, information and assistance program director, talking us through the program. As I’ve shared with you in the past, Tiffanie is very helpful in walking us through any problems we might encounter. She kindly encourages us to contact her at: or call her at, (707) 253-4248. She’s at 650 Imperial Way, Suite 101.

I hope that you have enjoyed this introduction to the Network for Aging & Independence. As many others of you, I hold computers in awe. Having not had the opportunity of growing up with them, I’m still in a learning process, but hope I have been somewhat helpful.

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At any rate, it was fun for me to travel this journey with you.

Stay well, be happy, and share your joy with others.

We’ll be introducing you to a good friend next week: Joanne Koenig will educate us in the magical world of Herbs. Until then, drop me a line at