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Good morning, my friends.

I believe that each and every one of you, believes as I do, that we are as young as we feel.

This morning, I feel like Super Woman. The beginning of a New Year is a real ‘turn-on’ for me. I woke up this morning with the thought of a new year, a new me. I love the idea of a nice, new clean slate, of sweeping all the cobwebs away and creating a new, spick and span life. And that would include my environment, as well as my mind, body and spirit. Wasn’t it during World War II, the term KISS was first used? “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, not very nice, but to the point.

Maybe you’d like to join me with this cleansing idea.

What better time than now to make some needed changes in our lives? We’ve pretty much covered the bases on how we can help ourselves continue to lead a long and healthy life, again, with our mind, body and spirit. We don’t want to lose that magical combination.

In this morning’s Jan. 7 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Style Section is featuring an article called “Clean Living.” It’s all about the psychology of de-cluttering.

The article really spoke to me. Wonderful timing and it is so inspiring. The authors wrote, “A beautiful, easy to maintain, organized home is simply one of the many positive by-products of a thoughtfully curated and de-cluttered life.” Oh, yes. I want that in my life, don’t you?

Don’t you agree that too much clutter in mind or home slows us down and gets in the way of discovering fresh, new ideas? It’s sadly so easy to get lazy and just let this happen, but remember, we’re ‘young at heart’ and love learning new things, staying up on what’s happening, and getting rid of the clutter in our lives.

I have a delightful neighbor, Edie Wolter, who generously lent me her edition of the book that the Chronicle authors listed as #1 on their list of books dedicated to clearing your clutter. It’s entitled “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of De-Cluttering and Organizing,” by Marie Kondo. The book is described as, “This 2014 New York Times best-selling book promises that a category by category, all-at-once approach to de-cluttering leads to lasting change- in the home, in life-style and perspective.”

The author of the book, Marie Kondo, writes in her book: “People cannot change their habits without first changing their way of thinking.” Our “young-thinking minds” can do this. It won’t be easy, but just think of the great rewards.

Kondo’s theory is to take giant steps. To take several trash bags into our bedrooms, for instance, and after several hours we will see amazed results, thus inspiring us to move onto the next project.

No timid ‘baby-steps’ with her system, and I like that. She also states that the room that you have just finished will feel and smell much fresher, therefore inspiring us to ‘keep on, keeping on’, as our friend, Don Fraser, is fond of saying.

My choice would be to start with my bedroom, bringing all clothing from other closets in the house, and just start with those trash bags. (Certainly, we’ll want to take anything worth saving to our favorite thrift shops.) Of course, all drawers and cupboards would be involved in this project. When finished, walk out of the room, close the door and you have only to reopen the door to become re-inspired.

After catching our breaths, maybe we’ll tackle our kitchen, including any extra freezer we might have in our garage, our pantry, cupboard, drawers and counters. Also, all cooking pans, utensils, etc.

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Of course we will continue until the rest of the house and the garage have all had the “Life-changing magic of tidying up,” the title of our book.

Whether we work on tidying up our lives — mind, body, spirit — now, or along with tidying up our homes, we’ll want to take giant steps, as we did with tidying up our homes.

Let’s take a look at how we live our lives at the moment. Do we feel the need to make some changes, regaining control of our lives? Should we rethink how we feel about the organizations that we belong to, the volunteer work that we do and the classes that we attend? Maybe we’d like to switch things around a little. Try some news things, or, maybe take some time to spend in our kitchens, experimenting with new recipes, having more dinner parties at our homes, especially now that our homes look so nice and uncluttered.

I see signing up for a class at the college, soon. I see attending my Essentrics classes with Julie Webster. I’ll continue with many of the commissions that I enjoy belonging to. Maybe I’ll cut down on an organization or two. I’ll know what I want to do, when I start my “life-changing magic of tidying up,” by decluttering and organizing.

Let me know how you are doing, and I’ll do the same. It’s not going to be easy, so it helps to know we’re not alone in this. We just need to focus on the end results, which is going to be amazing!

Until next week, keep that nice smile on your face, and enjoy your life. Let me hear from you

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