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On Super Bowl Sunday I did something a mom hardly ever (i.e. NEVER) gets to do: spend all day on the couch watching TV.

I mean, for a mom of three kids to imagine she could spend that much time watching TV? When pigs fly, as they say.

Well, those pigs took flight at my house on Sunday.

That’s because when my husband and one daughter went to Grandpa’s house to watch the football game and the other Huffman girl left for work, mom was left home alone.

Oh the joy of being home alone… Drinking mojitos and dancing like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business.” Partying like its child-free 1993. Playing my favorite 80s music full blast!

OK, so not really. But I *could* have been doing that. And sometimes coulds are just as good.

Instead, I did the next best thing. I binge-watched eight episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu.

Do we subscribe to Hulu? Nope.

But one of our daughter’s friends does. And she just happened to log into her Hulu account while hanging out at our house last week AND FORGOT TO LOG OUT.

We discovered this by accident on Sunday when my husband turned on our Roku receiver and ta-da, hello Hulu!

Huh, he said. He clicked on an episode of Chef Ramsay’s “The F Word” and sat down for a bit. When it was time to leave for the Super Bowl party, he was about to turn off the TV.

Leave it on, I said. I’d been wanting to watch the Hulu-only series “The Handmaid’s Tale” since it came out last year but with no Hulu, no Handmaid.

Now was my chance. Bring on the Handmaid’s Tale!

I figured I’d watch a few episodes in between folding laundry and working on a few other chores.

Seven hours later, I had barely moved.

I ate lunch and dinner in front of the TV. I folded laundry in front of the TV. I only left my spot in front on the TV for bathroom breaks and to feed the cat.

I was hooked on Hulu and Handmaid’s Tale.

Back in college, I read the book by Margaret Atwood. I’d seen the 1990 movie. It was a good story then, and it’s a great story now.

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A dystopian future. Fallen birth rates due to environmental disaster. Women’s rights reduced by a fundamentalist government regime. Doesn’t sound possible. NOPE. NOT AT ALL.

In the series, our heroine, June aka “Offred,” tries to maintain both sanity and dignity while being kept a slave to this new government and its forced breeding program. Ew, ew, ew.

Later that night, my husband and daughter came back home.

Our daughter had a surprised look on her face when she saw me on the couch.

“Mom, have you been sitting there all day?”

I scoffed. Me? Watching TV all day? I tried not to sound defensive. Of course not ... well, er, um.

It’s so good, I admitted. I can’t stop watching.

My husband sat down and we watched two more episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale.” We only have two more episodes till the end of season one.

I’m mentally wringing my hands as I write this. I almost want to save the last two episodes, like a really good book that you don’t want finish.

In the meantime, Huffman family: whatever you do, do NOT log out of Hulu!

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