The word is certainly out about the new Kitty Cat Spa in downtown historical Napa.

I just discovered it, and many local cats just love it. They are visiting day and night.

It is perfectly safe for them with no dogs around. No worries about being chased. No barking, no fears. It is a happy and relaxing hangout. Good therapy for them, just like a Club Med for humans. There is no vet on the premises, so no anxiety about shots, no x-rays, no being prodded or pills popped into their mouths. They walk in by themselves and cages are not allowed. They roam freely.

It is a relaxing afternoon for the nervous cat. There are no beauty treatments. They are not handled or held in place by a leash. They are not washed or trimmed in a summer lion shave.

It is almost like those new coffee houses that have live-in cats for the customers’ relaxation. But no humans are there to mix with them. We know cats like to be alone. They do not need human company. We could call this place, ‘Cat Heaven’ even if these cats are very much alive.

I think of it as a social club. Or maybe a dating service for cats. There is lots of purring going on as they rub up against each other, just getting acquainted.

Many of the new visiting cats, just stand or sit back and watch. You know how cats are, sometimes slow to get acquainted. And certainly you know that cats cannot be herded. They are just there to play and have fun. We hope most of them have had the treatment as no baby kitties have been seen yet.

Lots of play equipment is available for them too, just like at home. Comfortable cushions and pillows are all about with stuffed little toy animals too. Some cats like to spread out in the sun on the lawn. And then many like the cool surface of the many little glass tables in the area. Stairs provide exercise and a view from an upper deck. You know cats like to climb. There is an ample amount of shaded area too for our hot summer days.

Food is plentiful and so is water for these warm days. So the cats never have to worry about their next meal. It is out there and left by an attendant who comes daily to feed them. These cats have a wonderful life all they have to do it purr, sleep and do whatever cats do all day. Which is not very much.

No reservations are necessary, it is first-come, first-served. Many local cats watch from across the street or hanging out on the sidewalk just watching the place. They want to know who is coming that day. Perhaps they are looking for a handsome hunk, their friends or the feeding lady.

As you cat owners know, they are cautious with approaching strangers. Eventually thought they all come and enjoy. In spite of cat caution, our numbers are high. We have had up to 20 visiting cats one day last week.

I would be happy to give you the address but this is strictly a private neighborhood place. Perhaps cats from other neighborhoods would change the feel of the place. We want a calm haven for them, no worries or fear from strangers to our downtown cats. They all seem to know each other as they have been roaming here for years. Heck, they probably are all cousins. The head cat knows he is the leader and we only want peace and quiet for our cats.

We love our cats, and are happy they have their own spa. We don’t want dogs to know where they are hanging out these days. You might throw the Napa Valley Register on the floor, making it available for your dog to read the paper and get the address. Some dogs are roamers, some love to chase cats and we don’t want them. Sorry, dog lovers; you will have to find your own place. How about Alston Park?

We will just keep this lovely little spot a neighborhood secret. Cats need a place of their own even if it is in our backyard. Monty, our daughter’s Main Coon cat, just loves company and I promise to keep dogs away day and night for their peace of mind.

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