New Year

Everyone writes about their New Year’s Resolutions this time of year. I have decided to be different and write resolutions for other people. I am better at suggesting resolutions for others than I am at making and keeping them for myself. Keep in mind when I say that, “I” should do these things, I am really referring to others.

So here are my top 20 resolutions for others for 2018.

Let’s start with customers and employees in stores and offices:

1) When waiting in line at the grocery store checkout counter, I will get my credit card, cash, or checkbook out before my purchases are totaled. I will not wait until the cashier rings up my purchases to start writing my check or fumbling around in my pocket, wallet, or purse and counting out coins.

2) When there is a long line of people behind me, I will not tell my life story to the cashier, even if she asks me how I am doing. Remember that he or she is probably just being polite. The people behind you are not interested in your story either.

3) If I am a store employee waiting on a customer, I will not make the customer wait while I talk to a caller on the phone. I will remember that the customer in front of me has priority and should be waited on before I answer a caller’s questions.

4) If I am using the elevator, I will wait for people to exit before I rush in. If there is a line waiting to get in the elevator, I will patiently wait my turn.

5) If someone holds a door open for me, I will be sure to thank them and smile as I go through the door.

6) If I am shopping and have a question, I will try not to interrupt a busy clerk who is already waiting on another customer.

7) I will be friendly to store clerks and office employees and will try to have a smile on my face and in my voice even if I am upset or tired.

8) I will try to be considerate of other shoppers at grocery stores and not block the aisles when having long girlie conversations.

Here are a few suggested resolutions for drivers:

9) When I am behind a slow-moving car on Silverado Trail, I will not tailgate or honk my horn at them. I will not cross over the double yellow lines to angrily speed past them.

10) When I stop for gas, I will not leave my car unattended at the gas pump while I go inside to use the facilities or buy snacks. I will move my car so the next person can use the gas pump.

11) When driving my car downtown, I will watch out for ladies walking their dogs in crosswalks and will try to avoid hitting them with my car.

12) When a traffic light turns yellow, as I approach an intersection, I will slow down rather than speed up.

13) I will try to drive more slowly in downtown Napa keeping in mind that there are many people visiting here who are not familiar with our streets.

Here are some suggested resolutions to use in our every-day experiences:

14) When I am asked, “How are you?” I will make it a habit to say, “fantastic” or “great,” even if it isn’t entirely true. No one really wants to hear about your health problems.

15) I will try to be a better conversationalist and listener. I will encourage others to talk about their lives, their interests, their grandchildren, jobs or trips. Conversations are a two-way street, so take turns. And, if you are getting bored remember Dr. Laura’s advice: “Just fake it.”

16) I will learn how to use my smartphone, computer and all my other modern gadgets. I will stop telling my grandchildren that Grandma is just too old to learn all these new-fangled things.

17) I will be friendly and gracious to tourists I meet downtown. I will even ask, “May I help you?”

And finally, there is the dreaded subject of politics:

18) I will not talk politics with strangers, or even with friends.

19) I will not let strangers or even friends talk politics with me.

20) If they do, I will change the subject. I will talk about the weather.

So these are my top 20 resolutions I am suggesting for others, and I don’t have to worry about breaking them in 2018.

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