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The holidays are a time of gifting thoughtful presents and adding festive decor inside and out. However, all the cheer often means a lot of “stuff.” And a lot of waste. Americans toss 1 million extra pounds of garbage each week between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to the National Environmental Education Foundation. Wondering how to channel your inner Santa without hurting Mother Nature? Use these tips and tricks to celebrate more sustainably this holiday season.

Now that the sun is going down early, millions of people are dealing with seasonal affective disorder. We talk to a therapist about sad vs. regular depression and what you can do about it.

These mini hats might look complicated to do yourself, but shows they’re simple enough that you can make them with your children or nieces and nephews. Hang them on a garland over a window or fireplace for some cute seasonal décor.

Rosebud and her brother Huckleberry are WCAL's newest pups. They have a lot of learning to do, but it won't be too long until they will each be big enough for adoption.

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