Spring is in the air, and on the plate at Oenotri, downtown Napa’s tribute to Italy’s mezzogiorno.

This diner was bowled over by the just-picked crunch of sugar snap peas and asparagus, chopped and tossed with fresh mint and EVOO, then generously dusted with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. I wasn’t the only one.

Tucked into a corner of the busy dining room, TV food show commando (and Michelin star chef) Gordon Ramsay huddled up with futbol uber-star David Beckham and his oh-so-lovely spouse, Victoria, over plates of the springtime primi piatti.

Posh — you know she’s one of the Spice Girls,right? — asked chefs Curtis Di Fede and Tyler Rodde if they’d hold the salt, olive oil and cheese on her asparagus/pea salad and, instead, bring a side of balsamic vinegar.

Meanwhile her dinner companions dug into pizza, swordfish and beef cheeks without a single complaint.

Well, Ramsay did grouse about what he thought was a bit of a long walk to the men’s room in the adjacent hallway.

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Mrs. Beckham was all smiles when culinary team member Willi Nordby presented her with a plate of cut-up strawberries — spritzed with lemon and sprinkled with a little sugar — at the end of the meal.

The trio got in and out of the restaurant with only a couple of tugs on the sleeve by autograph hounds.

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