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If, by next Sunday you are beginning to tire of turkey and cranberry leftovers, here is an idea: brunch at Miminash in Napa.

It will be an entirely delicious adventure.

Chef Curtis de Fede has just started serving brunch at Miminashi, his Japanese-inspired pub in Napa.

Stop by and not only can you enjoy an unusual Sunday meal, but you’ll be sitting beneath strings of drying Hachiya persimmons.

De Fede is following a Japanese tradition, known as hoshigaki, transforming the fruit, by massaging and air-drying it. The process intensifies the flavor over a month or two of drying; then they can be used in salads and vegetable dishes or given as valued gifts.

They make a gorgeous orange umbrella throughout the restaurant.

And the brunch? On the morning we were there, the menu began with a cabbage salad with croutons and a creamy charred ginger vinaigrette.

We opted for a second course to add in a dish of bacon-wrapped endive that is served with a perfectly poached egg, braised radishes and yuzu panko.

Next came a platter of fried chicken karaage — a Japanese technique for lightly coating and deep-frying that results in crispy and totally non-greasy nuggets. It came with, of all things, crumpets, and a selection of ichimi gravy, maple syrup or Devonshire cream and jam for toppings.

An Anglophile dining with us entirely approved of the crumpets: the real thing.

The meal ended with a Japanese pear tart.

Each week, de Fede comes up with a new menu. The following week it was a Fuyu persimmon salad, a Snake River farms pastrami tartine with picked turnip greens and potatoes, a classic French omelette and a plate of cookies.

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“I just serve what I think would be fun,” de Fede explained.

With our meal, we drank Bloody Marys made with wasabi-infused vodka, tomato, kimchi and tamarind, garnished with lemon and pickle; we’d finished them before we got to the pear tart.

Other brunch cocktails included a “Coffey” Coffee made with Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskey and Fernet Branca, a bitter aromatic spirit.

The Anglophile had a pot of tea.

Brunch is served from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sundays. The price is $35 a person plus beverages and additional items.

No charge for the splendid sight of the drying persimmons.

Miminashi is at 821 Coombs St., Napa. The brunch menu is posted weekly on the website,

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