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CIA at Copia Fork

A fork on a door leading to the CIA at Copia gardens.

The CIA at Copia will be offering classes during the week of Sept. 10-16.

— Wednesday, Sept. 12

Somm’s Class: What We’re Drinking Now, Napa Valley Vintners Theater, 6 – 7 p.m., $30

Information today is being shared faster than ever, so it can be difficult to keep up with the latest beverage trends. In this class, you’ll discover what adventurous and tasty wines and other beverages the insiders think you should be drinking right now. Then, get ready to taste our favorites. (21+ only)

— Friday, Sept. 14

CIA Skills: Spice it Up! (Hands-on Class), Hestan Kitchen, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., $125

There are so many different spices out there, from so many different countries, that it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Not to worry; this class will introduce you to the wonderful world of flavor that lies right at your fingertips. In just a few hours with a CIA chef, you’ll discover fun and creative ways to use spices to add zest and interest to any dish.

This is a small, hands-on class in the Hestan Kitchen concluding with a meal and wine. (18+ only)

Napa Valley vs. The World, Napa Valley Vintners Theater, 5:30 – 7 p.m., $60

How do wines like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Italian Sangiovese, and French Bordeaux compare with the wines we make in California? What are the key factors that determine a grape’s characteristics, and how may those factors change when exploring a wine from Europe or North America? How can we understand our preferences for one wine or another, and are those preferences strictly based on flavor? A series of comparative tastings of the wines of Napa Valley and their counterparts around the world will attempt to answer these and other questions. (21+ only)

— Saturday, September 15

Creative Plant-Based Meals (hands-on class), Hestan Kitchen, 9:30 to 2:30 p.m., $250

Are you looking for new ways to create healthy and delicious meals at home? Join us as we delve into plant-forward dishes that incorporate flavorful ingredients, without taking away everything you love about meat-based protein. In this hands-on class, we’ll explore some of our favorite recipes, and share our tips and techniques for making them healthier with fruits and produce, whole grains, nuts and seeds, legumes and beans, and more. Even your most avid meat-eater won’t be able to leave without taking a bite out of these innovative dishes!

This is a small, hands-on class in the Hestan Kitchen concluding with a meal and wine. (18+ only)

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Pairing Basics: Basic Flavor Interactions, Napa Valley Vintners Theater, 3:30 – 5 p.m., $35

Do you ever wonder just how to make that Chardonnay taste fruitier, Merlot taste less bitter, or that roast chicken really sing? This class is the perfect place to begin. Starting with an unseasoned “blank canvas,” you’ll learn how 12 different food components, including examples of salt, spice, sweet, acid, fat, and umami interact with four different styles of wine. You’ll learn and taste the various ways to enhance either the flavor of the wine or the flavor of the food, depending on what your objective is, to elevate your next dining experience. (21+ only)

— Sunday, Sept. 16

The Chef’s Table: Sunday Brunch, Hestan Kitchen, 10 a.m. to noon, $75

Gather round the table in the Napa Valley Vintners Theater demonstration kitchen and watch CIA chefs work their magic as you learn great tips and techniques along the way. Ask questions and enjoy food and beverage pairings in an up-close-and-personal venue. You won’t leave hungry.

Class instruction will include tricks of the trade when it comes to hosting a multi-course morning meal featuring favorite sweet and savory brunch dishes and—of course—beverages. (18+ only)

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