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Vintners celebrate $6.8 million in grants
Guglielmo Menconi of Oxbow Public Market’s newest restaurant Ca’ Momi passes out sweet treats to vintners, volunteers and nonprofit representatives while celebrating the raising of $6.8 million at Auction Napa Valley 2010. Some of the many programs earning grants from this year’s auction include the Cope and Calistoga Family Centers, the Wolfe Center and Legal Aid of Napa Valley. Jorgen Gulliksen/Register

Napa Valley Vintners announced Thursday grants totaling $6.8 million from this year’s Auction Napa Valley (ANV) will be dispersed to a range of community service groups and projects throughout Napa County. 

Auction Napa Valley’s emphasis for 2010 grant awards focus on three priorities: Health and Wellness; Children and Youth; and Housing. Many of the programs funded by ANV connect more than one priority, coordinating care for Napa County residents.

Since it was founded in 1981, the annual Napa Valley Vintners auction has raised more than $90 million for health care providers, youth endeavors and housing projects.


Health and Wellness - providing health care for individuals in need -$3,670,000

• Aldea Children & Family Services: Middle School Health and Wellness Project: $125,000 for early-intervention mental health services.

 • American Canyon Family Resource Center Health and Safety Net Project: $40,000 to connect residents who have been impacted by the economic crisis to safety-net services. 

• Healthy Moms and Babies: Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program: $210,000 for education and services for low-income, uninsured women and their babies. 

• Sister Ann Dental Clinic: Dental Care for Napa County’s low socio-economic people: $400,000 to help provide quality, affordable dental care for low-income, uninsured and underinsured residents.

• Children’s Health Initiative Napa County: Healthy Children for a Healthy Community: $300,000 to continue works to ensure that all children in Napa County have access to comprehensive, quality healthcare.

• Community Action of Napa Valley: Meals on Wheels for Non-Senior Disabled Persons, $20,000.

• Community Health Clinic Ole: Medical Care for Napa County’s underserved, $700,000

• Cope Family Center & Calistoga Family Center: SAFE Families program: $175,000 to help keep families safe and in their homes, increase family income and decrease expenses and enable parents to provide a healthy and self-sufficient household.

• Family Service of Napa Valley: Bridges Mental Health Collaborative Program, $175,000 for the collaborative countywide system of mental health care and referrals. 

• Gunilda Rianda Upper Valley Senior Activity Center, Community Connections: $30,000

• Napa CASA, A Voice for Children: $30,000 for support and advocacy for abused and neglected children who become dependents of the court through no fault of their own.

• Napa County Health & Human Services Public Health Division: Welcome Every Baby, $100,000 for nurse in-home wellness visits to infants.

• Napa Emergency Women’s Services (NEWS): Education, Prevention & Outreach Program, Children’s Services Program and  Homeless Prevention Program: $125,000 to help break the cycle of domestic violence through early intervention and prevention education and provide transitional housing for victims of domestic violence. 

• Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services: reaching underserved populations, $100,000

• Parent-Child Advocacy Network: Family Health and Education, $30,000 to support programs that increase support of parents of children with disabilities and improve those families’ lives. 

• Planned Parenthood Shasta Diablo: Reproductive Healthcare Services, $65,000

• Planned Parenthood Shasta Diablo: Reducing the Risk — Teen Health Education Program, $40,000.

• Queen of the Valley Medical Center Foundation: Vintners’ Assistance Fund, $400,000 to help provide acute medical care to the uninsured and underinsured.

• St. Helena Family Center: Healthy Family Dynamics Program, $30,000 to help clients meet their basic needs of food and shelter in an emergency.

• St. Helena Hospital Foundation: funding healthcare for the indigent, $400,000.

• The Salvation Army Napa Corps: The Neighborhood Table, $75,000 to provide meals to the homeless and the working poor.

• The Women’s Center: Chronic Disease Prevention Program, $100,000 to provide free mammograms, breast ultrasounds, bone density tests and cardiac risk screenings for those who cannot afford them.


Children and Youth promoting success in school — $1,104,000

• Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Bay: mentoring program, $75,000

• Boys & Girls Clubs of Napa Valley: After School Education & Enrichment Program, $250,000

• Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Helena and Calistoga: After-School Education & Safety program, $100,000

• Calistoga Family Center: Up Valley Student Assistance Program, $58,000 to provide services to students for substance abuse, mental health or social issues that affect academics, behavior, and school attendance. 

• Child Start Inc.: Raising A Reader, $40,00 for an early literacy and parent engagement program to improve the reading readiness skills of young children.

• Community Health Clinic Ole: Your Alternatives to Risk, $40,000 to support a gang education, prevention and intervention program for youth and their parents/guardians in Napa County.

• CyberMill Technology Center: Middle School Connections, $80,000 for a project designed to increase parents’ understanding of family resources and their ability to create a supportive home learning environment.

• NapaLearns: Napa Valley Elementary School Math Initiative, $100,000 for a math initiative, incorporating a neuroscience based, web-delivered integrated instructional system for teaching mathematical concepts.

• Napa Valley Adult Education: First Step, $67,000 for a summer-school transitional program for children who are entering kindergarten with little or no pre-school experience.

• On The Move: V.O.I.C.E.S., $90,000 for  Foster Youth Emancipation Center’s employment, housing, education and health needs programs.

• Project Night Night: Operation Dream Big, $15,000. By providing objects of reliable comfort, Project Night Night seeks to advance the well-being of each child it serves.

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• Puertas Abiertas Community Resource Center: Computer Skills Workshops,  $14,000 to support a program for Spanish speakers to help their children access resources and improve their own language learning.

• St. Helena Family Center: St. Helena School Readiness Program, $50,000 for low socio-economic, families with 4-year-old children.

• Wolfe Center: School-based Alcohol and Drug Prevention, Early Intervention and Treatment Program, $125,000 to provide bilingual/bicultural services at schools. 


Housing — helping to keep people in their homes and to avoid homelessness - $1,120,000

• Calistoga Affordable Housing: Housing Development, $30,000

• Calistoga Affordable Housing: Rebuilding Calistoga, $20,000 for a repair program to make repairs and install products that improve living conditions of low-income homeowners. 

• Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa: Rainbow House/Home Base, $90,000 to support transitional housing for at-risk and homeless youth and children. 

• Community Action of Napa Valley: The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing program, $405,000 for a collaborative effort to provide financial assistance and services to either prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless or to help the homeless find homes.

• Housing and Economic Rights Advocates (HERA): Foreclosure Intervention and Prevention, $30,000 to legal assistance for homeowners in Napa County facing foreclosure.

• Legal Aid of Napa Valley: Immigrant Legal Services Program, $100,000

• Greater Napa Fair Housing Center; Fair Housing Napa Valley: Keeping Napa Residents Housed, $95,000 to assist vulnerable residents threatened by housing disputes, discrimination, foreclosure-related evictions, or difficulty meeting rent or mortgage payments because of death, divorce, disability or job loss.  

• Napa County Housing Authority: Farm Worker Housing Program, $100,000 for seasonal agricultural workers.

• Napa Valley Community Housing: Housing Development, $100,000 for new low-income housing.

• Napa Valley Community Housing: Homelessness Intervention Program, $150,000 to provide NVCH residents and those on the waiting list with services helping them keep or find affordable housing; and providing assistance to those in danger of falling behind on their rent.


Additional funding — $906,000

• Auction Napa Valley Healthcare Endowment Fund, $500,000.

• Napa County Health and Human Services for Healthy Communities Website, $19,500.

• Capacity Building Grants (pooled funding with The E. Richard Jones Family Foundation, Napa Valley Community Foundation, and the Peter A. and Vernice H. Gasser Foundation), $40,000.

• Set Aside/Special Projects to support needs that may arise between now and next giving cycle, $346,500.

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