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Want to turn any pair of lace up shoes into a pair of slip on shoes? Whether you’re replacing the laces for small children or want to avoid arthritis pain while getting ready in the morning, these no-tie shoelaces from Caterpy have Amazon customers raving.

How They Work

These Caterpy laces keep your shoes in place with an elastic bump system. Unlike lock in place no-tie laces or traditional tie laces, the elastic bumps ensure consistency of tension throughout the shoe. You can tighten the laces to your comfort level for a relaxed, snug, or tight fit.

Suitable for Athletes

Worried about your running shoes falling off on your morning jog? Not with these no-tie shoelaces. The elastic bumps hold your shoes firmly in place while allowing some tension release as your feet naturally swell throughout the day or with activity.

Why Customers Love Them

Customers used these no-tie shoelaces for a variety of reasons, from conditions like arthritis that make dexterity difficult to preventing teenagers from ruining the heels of lace up sneakers by slipping them on. The effective elastic bump technology earned these laces 4.4. out of 5 stars. Reviewers were pleasantly surprised by how well these laces stayed in place during daily errand, workouts, and more. The variety of colors and styles from plain black to citrus orange was also a plus.

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