Buying Guide: This lower-cost professional-grade blender rivals the Vitamix
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Buying Guide: This lower-cost professional-grade blender rivals the Vitamix



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Unless you’re willing to shell out $550 for a Vitamix, you might not be getting as much out of your blender as you should be. But there’s another option on the market for budget conscious foodies: the $200 Jawz professional-grade blender will help you replace several appliances for a fraction of the cost.

Get More Out of Your Blender

If you’re only using your blender to make smoothies, the Jawz blender can help you do more. Crush nuts into nut butter, blend ice or fruit with ease, chop salsas and puree sauces and soups, or create your own flour from whole grains. Just like a Vitamix, this lower-cost professional blender can replace a food processor, juicer, and mixer. Precision touch, timers, and easy-to-use toggles make it easy to get the perfect consistency every time you prepare food.

More Durability

If you’re used to struggling with low cost blenders that get stuck on produce or ice, the Jawz professional-grade blender will be a breath of fresh air. The durable stainless steel blades are backed up by 3.5 peak horsepower, and the 64-ounce container (the same size as the Vitamix) gives you plenty of room to tinker with smoothies, soups, and sauces while you meal prep.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers are raving about this Vitamix alternative, giving it an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers love that this Jawz blender came with 10 speed settings for precision blending, and made their morning smoothies in a mere 15 seconds. They also liked how easy it was to clean the blender between uses.

Jawz High Performance Toggle Switch Blender available from Amazon 


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