Buying Guide: This plug-in white noise machine saves space and helps you sleep
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Buying Guide: This plug-in white noise machine saves space and helps you sleep



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If you’re looking for a space-saving way to get a better night’s sleep, this compact plug-in nightlight and white noise machine is an ideal solution. Whether you’re 50 years, 5 years, or five months old, this handy tool can improve your sleep hygiene.

How It Works

This white noise sound machine from Calm Me plugs directly into the wall to save surface space in your bedroom. It features 9 soothing sounds including ocean waves, rainforest, brook, gray noise, and lullaby. It’s great for babies and children since it has a 6-setting dimmable nightlight built in, but it works just as well for adults.

Spa-Like Comfort

Whether you need to drown out a noisy neighbor while you work from your home office or you need half an hour to yourself when you put the baby down for a nap, this calming white noise machine provides spa-like comfort and promotes relaxation or restful sleep. Set the timer for 30, 60, or 90 minutes to aid children with naps, or keep the noise machine on a continuous loop for a full night of rest.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers love this white noise machine and nightlight and gave it an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Parents loved that this white noise machine had a dimmable light built in, was close to the wall and eliminated the safety hazard of cords, and had a lullaby setting their kids loved. Customers also liked that it was easy to pack for vacations, and that the buttons were simple and easy to use.

Portable & Compact Plug-In Nightlight White Noise Sound Machine available from Amazon

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