Patti Cowger is an interior designer who opened her first design studio in San Francisco in 1989. Back in her hometown of Napa and owner of PLC Interiors, Patti writes Demystifying Design every other Saturday. She invites you to visit her website,, call (707) 322-6522, or email

Angela Hoxsey is a professional organizer based in the Napa Valley. For information about her services, go to or call 707-738-4346. 

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Deborah Macdonald is the principal designer for Textured Design Napa, (formerly known as Napa At Home). Macdonald believes in modern livability and creates elegant interior design with a practical purpose. For more info, visit

Master Gardeners are trained, non-paid teaching staff certified to extend practical horticultural information to Napa County residents. These volunteers receive an intensive 88-hour training program over a 3-month period to become certified.

Bill Pramuk is an independent Registered Consulting Arborist, professionally dedicated to helping people with tree care issues. Visit his website: