We recently went shopping for a new mattress. Some experts say you should get a new mattress and box spring every five to seven years, others say every 10 years. Ours was 15 years old with lumps everywhere. So it was definitely time.

There are many choices on the market these days, and I’ll let the experts weigh in on what kind of mattress is best for you. The main aspect of a new mattress from an interior design perspective is size. Other than fitting you and your lifestyle, the size should obviously fit your space. This means both the size of your room and the other furniture you have in it. Will there be night tables on either side? Other furniture? Make sure there is plenty of room to navigate your way around, so the room feels cozy but uncluttered.

If you do not have a headboard, you can create (or have made) your very own custom headboard that attaches to the wall. Here is where the use of beautiful, luxurious fabric can really make your bedroom fabulous.

The next thing to consider: What is the best way to “dress” a bed? While some of us hate to make our bed, I think we can all agree a bedroom can be very elegant with a well-dressed bed. In the January white sale advertisements that dominate the media right now, it is common to see beds made up with oodles of pillows, luxurious comforters, and general fluffiness. This kind of look is beautiful and is meant to sell a lot of bed linens. While I am a fan of pillows, (just ask my clients), this look may not be for everyone.

As with everything in life, begin with a good foundation. That is, good-quality sheets, duvets and shams. There are so many affordable options. I do believe in higher thread count. Thread count is a measure of softness and wearability that refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. While some people believe thread count is simply a marketing ploy (and certainly that view can be correct at the highest end of the spectrum), I would still pay attention to the count when you are buying new sheets.

A great duvet is always in chic and a better option than a “bed in a bag.” Think of it as a pillowcase for your comforter. It sets the stage for the rest of your bedding. This time of year, I would consider adding a coverlet, too; it’s a great way to layer colors onto your bed and add a textural dimension. Likewise, a bed scarf, which is a narrower piece of fabric draped over the end of the bed, can add interest. Perhaps you have a beautiful textile you acquired in one of your travels. This is a great place to showcase such a find.

Although sheets or duvets with patterns can be nice, they do not convey restfulness and tranquility when too bold. I like simple, clean, non-patterned sheets and duvets, with the exception of a border or other quiet trim.

Finally, there is the icing on the cake — the pillows and accessories. As I mentioned earlier, too many pillows make some people (especially men) crazy. I like to combine Euro shams (generally 24-27 inches square) in interesting materials that are different from your duvet, with standard shams and other throw pillows to add color and texture. While coordinated shams are nice, be creative here.

If you do want to showcase a few pillows, some experts suggest rolling down your bed covers a quarter or half the way down. This gives the bed a sumptuous, ready-to-relax-in feel, while still being “dressed” or made. It also allows you to display beautiful sheets.

Resolve to make 2016 the year of the new bedroom. You spend a third of your life there, so make it special!

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Deborah Macdonald is the Napa-based owner of Napa At Home, an interior design enterprise. For information about her products and services, visit her website at NapaAtHome.com call 707-255-0246; or email deborah@napaathome.com.