Betty Rhodes writes about senior living in Napa Valley. "I enjoy being a senior, and I appreciate being able to continue championing the causes of seniors. It’s all good. We live in a very ‘senior friendly’ valley, with much for seniors to do in order to remain healthy in mind, spirit and body."

Good morning. Let’s think about winding down the month of September and entering the autumn month of October.

I’m very pleased to, at long last, have the pleasure of introducing you to an amazing person, who was kind enough to slow down long enough to tell us a little of what he’s been up to.

Welcome to the Corner. I’m very excited to be able to bring you some detailed news on the very popular Retirement Renewal Forum Series brought to our community by Forum Leader Kal Edwards, MA and his Advisory Board Members: Naomi Dreskin-Anderson, attorney specializing in issues of elders an…

Good morning, everyone. Please join me in discussing the joy of a more tranquil, peaceful mind where we, magically, have more time, in this very busy life. Where we have the opportunity to slow down, unwind, breathe deeply, and enjoy inner peace.

Hi, everyone. Are you enjoying the little break in the rain? Still want lots more rain, but the folks who take care of us regarding closed roads and downed trees and mountain slides, could certainly use a little break. Thanks, so much, to all of you folks, for helping to make our journeys safe.

Good morning and welcome to our Corner. We have a rare treat in store today. We will be meeting and greeting someone whom our Napa Valley Register once wrote as having a “record of public service second to none.” I think you will agree when you read about this amazing woman.

Good morning. It’s a beautiful morning as I write this, and I hope you will forgive me if I put a bit of a damper on this glorious day, but it’s for our own good, and, occasionally, we have to bring some important issues to light for our continuing good health. That is what we are doing today.

Hi, my good friends. Please share with me the joy of the occasion of the marriage of my grandson, Brian Rhodes Dodd and his beautiful — in every way — bride, Olivia Everett. It was a joining together of two people so much in love.

Hello. I would like to introduce you to a new friend, who I know you will enjoy meeting and also about the new program that he has coordinated and introduced to our Napa Valley College.

We will be talking about several outstanding events coming up soon. First, though, I want to thank the editors of our valley newspapers for letting us have this time to ‘talk Senior Talk’.

I wonder how many of you have wonderful memories or being at grandma’s house. Or, possibly, you were raised by your grandmother.

Aren’t we having the most amazing summer weather? People are saying that fall is just around the corner, but I’d love to hang onto summer for a while longer, wouldn’t you?

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Dear friends,

I know you are eager to continue our second part of "Seniors and Depression," but please bear with me. We’re going to postpone it until next week.

I’d like to thank one of our readers, Karen Wyard, for sending a very informative email regarding mental health, reminding us that May is designated as Mental Health Awareness Month.

We have good news today. Meryll Gobler, resource coordinator for Rohlffs Manor, has a wonderful program coming up for seniors 60 and older. Meryll and Kristi Lesnewich, an attorney formerly with Legal Aid of Napa Valley (which has now merged with Bay Are Legal Aid), have arranged for a Free …

Hi again. How are you all doing on getting your “track” just the way you want it? It’s taking longer than we thought, isn’t it? It’s going to be fantastic, though, when we finish.

Welcome to the Corner. We talked last week about, temporarily, jumping off our “track,” taking a good, hard look, before deciding whether or not we wanted to make some serious changes to our track before climbing back on.

I’ve been a huge fan of talk show host Charlie Rose, seen on PBS, for over 20 years. He’s always “ahead of the wave” with his guests, whether they’re leaders of a country or, as in the program I just watched, a relatively new jazz master on the scene.

Hello. Let’s talk about keeping our minds as active and healthy as the rest of our bodies. Growing older is not a problem, staying active and mentally and physically healthy can be, if we let it.

Do you feel as I do? January is almost over, and it seems as though the month has just begun. Better get our running shoes on. We don’t want to get left behind.

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Welcome, everyone, to Senior Corner, where we chat about the excitement of growing older, and all the many wonderful activities there are for us to enjoy here in Napa Valley.

I just returned from a long weekend at Dillon Beach with one of my daughters and her wonderful family, including my great-granddaughter, Emma.

Hi, everyone. We have some exciting news today. Maybe you’ve heard rumors about some fixing up to take place soon at our Senior Activity Center.

Come on in, pour yourself some coffee, and let’s talk about good things happening in our senior world.

Hi everyone. I’m eager to get started on the second part of our two-parter concerning the importance of what we put into our bodies and how these foods affect our energy, and our good physical and mental health

Let’s spend some time this morning thinking about staying young while growing older — my favorite subject.

We are so very lucky this morning to have Dr. Susan Cislo’s story to continue to tell, what to me, was a new type of treatment — osteopathic medicine.

Good morning. I thought we’d mix things up a bit this week. We’ll get back to the wonderful world of osteopathic medicine next week. Rest assured, Dr. Korr makes an amazing recovery, a real success story, but we’ll enjoy sharing that good news next week.

Greetings. I’m mentally on a warm beach, my feet loving the feeling of the warm sand and the feeling the sun on my back, oh so delicious.

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